About Us


Fancy Fawn is an Irish family owned children's clothing company. AW 19 launched with the following duos Fox & Bluebell, Bear & Primrose, Hare & Golden Samphire and Badger & Clover all inspired by the irish landscape. The pieces are all produced on a small ethical production floor and are designed to last with production margins below the industry average. Our responsible production model believes in low waste and any stray material leftover made in to hair scrunchies. With a focus on slow fashion and sustainability Fancy Fawn would like to help parents make more informed fashion choices for their children without compromising on quality and style. The pieces are designed for comfort and of course a fancy look and we hope every piece will travel from a party to a playground. Our summer line will include a number of new items including recycled leggings made from abandoned fishing nets and global organic textile standard (GOTS) certified dresses & sweaters. 

Where Our Clothes Are Made

Fancy Fawn clothes are made in an award winning clothier in Minnesota, America. Our small team of industry experts provide high quality materials, pattern making, fix & features, in house custom dyes, prototyping and manufacturing all under one roof. We only wanted a limited amount of quality closed loop items produced in an ethical setting. This is slow transparent fashion as opposed to mass fast fashion. 

What Are The Benefits

There is no need for constant travel back & forth to various countries sourcing fabric or signing off on designs. All our production & designs are discussed and signed off over video call & emails and small material swatches are sent in the post for approval. There is no loss of time at home with the family and there is no risk of buying poor quality materials. Our items were shipped across from America via “green shipping”a ship that has reduced GHG emissions. All of our beautiful items are sent out in eco friendly biodegradable branded packaging. 

Will We Move Production To Ireland

There is no affordable “one stop shop” fashion house in Ireland, however we would like more elements of our design process to take place at home, namely the screen printing, and we aim to ultimately base this art work in Ireland. 

Description of Screen Printing

Using a stencil, or a series of stencils, the ink is distributed to the desired area by being pressed through a porous screen, hence the name Screen Printing.

Caring For Your Clothing 

The secret to sustainable fashion lies in maximising the durability of garments which is why at fancy fawn we provide customers with items of the highest quality. Please follow the washing guidelines as these pieces are delicate and prints will fade if washed at the wrong temperature. Please turn the garment inside out & wash on delicate and always iron inside out. To conserve water always try and spot clean stains first instead of placing in washing the machine. In fact, almost 80% of the carbon footprint occurs after we bring a new clothing item home. Try and reduce washing and if you have to wash use a cora ball or guppy bag in a cold or cool wash.